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Colorado Official State Vacation Guide

CTO marketing efforts lead potential travelers to learn more about our state with a variety of travel resources.  These offerings, available both digitally and in print, inspire andprovide detailed travel information about every corner of Colorado.


Colorado.com is one of the most visited travel website in the country, consistently ranking in the top 3 of travel websites by traffic. Over 9 million visitors hit the site in 2017. The site has recently undergone a backend facelift, making it a fast, cutting-edge platform ready for emerging technologies. While this is a great resource for travelers, it is also a way for Colorado tourism industry partners to connect to consumers interested in Colorado. Any tourism-related business can have a free listing on Colorado.com, as well as tourism-related events.

Official State Vacation Guide

The Official State Vacation Guide is the official ravel planner that can be ordered on Colorado.com. This print piece covers the entire state and both inspires potential travelers and provides planning information, such as itineraries and business listings. Tourism industry partners can participate with this program as well via advertising.

Love, Colorado Magazines

The Love, Colorado magazine is a subscription-based magazine that has even more editorial content around Colorado destinations, activities and attractions. The goals is to create a deeper connection with travelers and inspire them to explore new areas or seasons of the state. There are three editions each year: spring/summer, fall and winter.


CTO also engages potential travelers through the email program, which sends emails monthly to an opt-in list, segmented by in-state and out-of-state audiences. These “enewsletters” inspire travelers by providing engaging content and trip ideas, as well as advertising messaging from tourism partners.

Colo-Road Trips (Formerly Colorado Field Guide)

The Colo-Road Trips is a robust collection of itneraries to get travelers off the beaten path, or experiencing their favorite places in new ways. Colo-Road Trips also inform travelers of how to travel "like a local", how to visit special places responsibily, and even how to give back to the areas they experience by volunteering their time or resources.  

Colorado Outdoor Adventure Blog

The Colorado Outdoor Adventure Blog showcases the amazing people that call Colorado home.  Between rugged mountain climbers, esteemed Olympians, and everyday folks taking on spectacular challenges, the blog shares their stories with travelers to inspire themt to take their own Colorado adventure. 

Official Colorado Sticker Emojis

With the official Colorado Stickers Keyboard for iPhone and Android devices, you can share Colorado landmarks, including Red Rocks, the Colorful Colorado Sign, the Big Blue Bear, a frosty glass of beer, the DIA tents and many more, as well as the Colorado state of mind with other fans of the Centennial State.