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Colorado Tourism Roadmap

On March 15, 2017, the Colorado Tourism Board unanimously adopted the Colorado Tourism Roadmap, a comprehensive strategic plan to build the Colorado tourism industry’s competitive advantage through closer collaboration, creation of new traveler experiences across the state and a fresh focus on sustainable tourism.

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Key Priorities

The Colorado Tourism Roadmap points the way to several new initiatives, all aimed at positioning the Colorado tourism industry for success in a competitive landscape that bombards travelers with a vast array of choices on where to spend their precious time off.

Key strategies to capitalize on the opportunities and challenges identified in the Roadmap are as follows:

Regional Branding

One of the most frequent opinions voiced in Roadmap listening sessions was that the state’s seven travel regions are doing little either to drive consumer awareness or serve as meaningful platforms for regional marketing collaboration. With the participation of a new Regional Branding Task Force, the Colorado Tourism Office selected an internationally renowned place branding agency, Destination Think!, to shape and brand new travel regions during 2018.

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Responsible Tourism

With many Colorado residents voicing concerns about impacts of travelers on special places and natural resources, the Roadmap’s STEWARD Pillar laid the groundwork for a new partnership aimed at protecting what makes Colorado such a special destination. As part of this initiative, The Colorado Tourism Office is encouraging travelers to explore off-peak seasons and less-visited destinations, while inspiring them to travel like a local, engage in “voluntourism” and support causes dear to Coloradans. The foundation of the CTO’s new stewardship platform is being created in a ground-breaking partnership with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

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Colorado Tourism Leadership Journey

To activate the full potential of Colorado tourism through its people while building the industry’s bench strength of emerging leaders, the Colorado Tourism Office in 2017 created the Colorado Tourism Leadership Journey. The first 21 participants selected for this yearlong, tuition-based executive training program are taking part in five experiential learning opportunities around the state, monthly small group meetings, 1:1 mentoring, assigned readings and completion of an action leadership project.  

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Creating Destination Architects

A key goal of the Roadmap’s new CREATE Pillar is for Colorado destination marketing organizations — including the Colorado Tourism Office — to embrace the role of “destination architect,” taking an active role in developing and shaping new tourism offerings to attract visitors. CTO’s first major step toward achieving this goal took effect July 1, 2017, when its beloved Heritage & Agritourism program transitioned into the more broadly focused Destination Development program, incorporating even more dimensions of rural tourism, including outdoor and cycling tourism. 

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