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One of the most frequent opinions voiced in Roadmap listening sessions was that the state’s seven travel regions are doing little either to drive consumer awareness or serve as meaningful platforms for regional marketing collaborations. With the participation of the Regional Branding Task Force, the Colorado Tourism Office selected an internationally renowned place-branding agency, Destination Think!, to shape and brand new travel regions in 2018. The final report, linked below, was adopted by the Colorado Tourism Board on Sept. 26, 2018.

New Regional Map (Click to Enlarge)


Destination Think!’s work in Colorado was led by the firm’s chief strategist and partner, William Bakker, considered one of the top destination marketers in the world. The Destination Think! team steered a research-based approach to identifying new travel regions and the “Place DNA” of each, relying on a blend of consumer research and Colorado tourism industry insights. The plan called for testing proposed travel regions in a series of statewide workshops including not only tourism industry representation, but historians, artists, journalists, community leaders and others with deep insight into a region’s unique character. As a final step, Destination Think! validated findings with Colorado tourism stakeholders as well as Colorado travelers.

Once Destination Think!’s work was complete, the Colorado Tourism Office — in partnership with the Regional Branding Task Force and vendor partners — took the final step of identifying regional naming. In Destination Think!’s view, the best possible outcome would be development of a naming platform that will resonate not only with travelers and tourism stakeholders, but with Colorado residents and the business community as well — something we believe we've achieved!



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