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Longwoods International

The Colorado Tourism Office, through Longwoods International, conducts an overview of Colorado’s travel and tourism market and provides a detailed profile of the state’s visitors for each calendar year. This information is based upon data on the day and overnight travel patterns of a representative sample of U.S. households, gathered through the syndicated TravelUSA® survey of the U.S. travel market.

Longwoods International Overview

  • The U.S. overnight travel market (pleasure and business)
  • Total U.S. trip volume; national, regional and segment year-to-year trends
  • Colorado’s visitor numbers, in total, pass-through vs. stayed overnight, and by segment
  • Colorado’s competitive position; visitor volumes for regional competitors and year-to-year trends; market share; ranking vs. other states in total and by segment
  • Colorado traveler profile including, demographics; travel party characteristics; profiles of key tourism segments; estimates of the number of overnight and pass-through visitors to each of Colorado’s primary tourism regions; estimates of travel and tourism expenditures in Colorado, for all domestic visitors and key segments, broken out by: accommodations; food and beverage; recreation and sightseeing; transportation; and retail purchases

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