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How We Promote Colorado

The Colorado Tourism Office delivers a highly integrated multi-million-dollar array of marketing initiatives to national and international audiences to build awareness of Colorado as a superlative travel destination. 

Based on an insight that travel to Colorado truly makes people feel more alive, the "Come To Life" marketing campaign inspires travelers to explore the Official State Vacation Guide, COLORADO.com, Colo-Road Trips, the Visit Colorado Facebook page and all related channels.

Research by an independent third party, SMARInsights, finds that the Colorado Tourism Office's domestic marketing campaign ranks among the top 10 percent nationally for campaign effectiveness and return on investment.

Colorado's Campaign Story

Colorado is a unique state — one with majestic landscapes, fascinating history, dynamic cultural scenes and a spirit unlike any other. So when thinking of how to market the state, we aimed at painting a richer portrait of Colorado travel, showcasing dozens of fun moments in cultural and urban as well as outdoor settings.

Called the “Voice of Colorado,” this campaign excites you, challenges you, encourages curiosity and invites you to explore. Using Colorado enthusiasts, athletes, influencers and brands we told stories that touch on a range of activities, places and emotions. Colorado is a place where extraordinarily fun, inspirational and energizing experiences await for anyone who’s willing to give it a try — the experiences that help you truly Come to Life.

Colorado has a deep story to tell. And with this campaign, we’re able to tell every chapter of that story, from mountain adventure to the beauty of the plains and more.

This "Voice of Colorado" mantra inspires our work:

"When We Explore" In-State Campaign

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Love Letter to Colorado

Whether or not you live in Colorado, there’s always more to explore in our stunning state. Soothe your soul by taking a trip into the mountains. Marvel at the wildlife and wide open spaces. Discover our rich history and culture. When you travel in Colorado, you come to life. Watch the video >>