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Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX) Toolkit


Colorado's Official Trails App

With more than 39,000 miles of trails in Colorado, chances are high that you have residents and visitors recreating on trails in or around your community. Chances are also high that you will have to navigate a few federal, county, or municipal land manager maps depending on where you choose to recreate. The new Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX) app simplifies that process by mapping all trails in the state across all land managers. What’s even better? It’s built for all types of trail users from hikers, to bikers, to OHV riders...and it’s all available for FREE as a mobile app and web application.

This toolkit outlines what COTREX is and how it can benefit recreation tourism in your area:

1. What is COTREX? - Over three years in the making, COTREX is an industry-leading tool that puts all trails in Colorado into the palm of your hands.

2. What Makes COTREX Unique? - Why should you encourage visitors to use the COTREX app? Learn about some features not found in any other application out there today.

3. The Need for COTREX  - Colorado is growing and its needs are ever changing. Learn more about how COTREX is addressing challenges and pressures facing recreation here in Colorado.

4. How to Suggest a New “Featured Route” - Featured Routes inspire users to discover and explore Colorado’s public lands. See examples already in COTREX and learn how to create Featured Routes for your region.

5. How to Link to COTREX on Your Page or Post - Make it easy for visitors to find you! Choose the proper COTREX hyperlink and users will see a “Get Here” button that pulls up their phone navigation software. 

6. Talking Points, Written Content, Awards - Writing a story? Need a few lines for a posting? You’ll find great pre-written content in this section.

7. Frequently Asked Questions - See answers to the most common questions we receive about COTREX.

8. Media Assets (Screenshots, Flyers, Logos) - Need a flyer for a trailhead sign? Want to put the logo on your printed materials? The folder in the section has all your media needs covered, and will continue to be updated as new versions of the application are developed. 

9. COTREX Marketing Checklist - Are the above guides too much to go through? Follow our simple checklist to make sure you reaching the broadest audience with COTREX.