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Colorado Tourism Roadmap

On March 15, 2017, the Colorado Tourism Board approved the Colorado Tourism Roadmap, a comprehensive strategic plan to build the Colorado tourism industry’s competitive advantage through closer collaboration, creation of new traveler experiences across the state and a fresh focus on sustainable tourism.  

Ten months in the making and led by the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO), the 24-page Roadmap incorporates the voices of more than 1,000 tourism industry professionals, elected leaders and Coloradans who took part in 20-plus, face-to-face listening sessions throughout the state during 2016. The plan also was shaped by a deep dive into the CTO’s existing research as well as a new image and perception study.

The Roadmap sharply defines the Colorado tourism industry’s mission, creating a focus on driving traveler spending rather than simply attracting increasing numbers of visitors. It also broadens the industry’s role from a singular focus on tourism promotion to incorporate development of new tourism experiences, support for responsible tourism practices and stronger, more direct advocacy. This new focus is captured in the Roadmap’s four pillars — COMPETE, CREATE, STEWARD and ADVOCATE — as well as a new mission statement for the Colorado tourism industry: “Drive traveler spending through promotion and development of compelling, sustainable travel experiences throughout our four-corner state.”











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