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Colorado Concierge

The Colorado Tourism Office created the Colorado Concierge program as a free resource for all Colorado businesses to coach their frontline workers into being Colorado experts and develop their ability to deliver Colorado-style hospitality.

The ultimate goal is to build a statewide community of visitor-friendly ambassadors who can answer the question "What's there to do around here?"

People who can answer this question will be able to create better experiences for travelers, point them to lesser-known destinations and even coach them on how to reduce their impact on Colorado’s resources.

The customer service training was based on Colorado Tourism Office research into what sets Colorado hospitality apart from hospitality in other destinations. That research tested this definition of Colorado hospitality, which came from the input of top hospitality leaders from across the states: “Colorado hospitality is a genuine, kind-hearted invitation to share in the life and wonder of Colorado.”

Workers and businesses can get connected with the Colorado Concierge program online from any device by visiting BeAColoradoConcierge.com. The program is also available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store

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