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Some of the most compelling insights from our new Colorado Tourism Roadmap are shaping a brand-new statewide initiative aimed at inspiring travelers to explore every corner of our four-corner state.

Colo-Road Trips is a compilation of insider travel tips and compelling itineraries pointing travelers to explore, dine and sleep along roads less traveled in our four-cornered state. It’s a collaboration that involves every destination, and ultimately invites the traveler and their social network in inspiring visitor spending throughout our state in lesser-traveled places and seasons. We hope you’ll join us in making Colo-Road Trips an essential Colorado travel tool.

You can help by crafting itineraries that follow the tried-and-true '3-3-1' strategy for itinerary building: Each day should feature three fun places to visit, three engaging things to do and one great place to stay, and the trip overall should create an experience that lifts up lesser-known or visited attractions in a compelling way.

For example, rather than schedule an itinerary that includes a stop at a state park that is typically booked through the summer, send visitors to a lesser-known park or locations — or include traveler tips advising your target travelers of the best days of the week to visit. Another example: If you have a cultural arts district that could use more visitor love, propose an itinerary that combines a fun way to experience your arts district with other fun activities.

Feel free to theme and name your itineraries in ways that you think will be inspirational. You know your destinations better than anyone, including the hidden gems and corners of your region that need the most love. 

To submit an itinerary use this form.  For any questions please contact Natazshya Rodriguez


For more information about creating itineraries check out the Colo-Road Trips Toolkit >>