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Co-Ops & Grants

The Colorado Tourism Office has programs to support your destination's marketing efforts. See how you can take advantage of our reach.



The CTO has created a variety of partnerships to help the Colorado tourism industry leverage their dollars to greater effect. You'll find a detailed list of co-op offerings available to partners.

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Marketing Matching Grants

The CTO’s Marketing Matching Grant Program provides funding to not-for-profit organizations in the State of Colorado for the purpose of promoting the state or a region as a tourism destination.

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Tourism Development Grants

The CTO’s Tourism and Development Grant Program provides funding to nonprofit organizations, municipalities or counties in the State of Colorado for the purpose of supporting and facilitating projects that contribute to technical development of the tourism industry statewide.

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CRAFT Implementation Funding

After successful completion of CRAFT Stduio 101, CRAFT Studio 201, CRAFT Workshops, and CRAFT Mentor, particpating communities or businesses are eligible to apply for funding to implement a key priority determined during their program. Different funding amounts are available for each opportunity.

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